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A “200% co-produced” event thanks to TLAP

TLAP were happy to support NCF to bake in meaningful co-production in the planning and delivery of the Care Innovation Challenge. The immediate impact of co-production is apparent. It should be of interest to commissioners interested in developing better value from scarce public resources, simply by incorporating lived experience at an early stage of project scoping and development to get more things right, first time. 

Paula and Rich, mentors at this year’s event, describe how co-production was delivered at its best… 

“Of all the meetings and events I’ve attended, this is the one that I can say was 200% co-produced. The NCF and TLAP did a phenomenal job.” said Paula.

Summing up the event, Rich said “It was great to see the TLAP Making It Real framework being used to understand what people want, and to understand the needs of people – the eventual prototypes incorporated the essences of the six Making It Real principles.”

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