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Care Innovation Challenge

Applications are now closed for this year’s Care Innovation Challenge.  For further enquiries please email helen.glasspool@nationalcareforum.org.uk

A creative weekend of idea generation and prototype trialling

Successful applicants are invited to a creative weekend of idea generation and prototype trialling on 29th and 30th June at The Technocentre at Coventry University.

  1. The weekend starts with a review of the challenges and opportunities in social care
  2. The Challenge ends with teams presenting their projects to a judging panel of industry experts
  3. 5 teams with the highest quality ideas selected to go through to the Final at The Care Show in October, NEC Birmingham and receive £500 funding and mentoring
  4. The winning team receive £1,000 in prize money and further mentoring

The Care Innovation Challenge is not just about picking one winning team. The programme is designed to help nurture ideas that have the potential to create impactful solutions and viable businesses.

This is a unique opportunity to network with experts, influencers and leaders in social care as well as successful entrepreneurs.

Keep up to date on our social media channels and follow @CareInnovHub to listen in to the teams’ progress. Come back to our page for exciting news, outcomes and information on how you can get involved in the 2024 challenge as a partner or part of a team.

Applications for 2024 are now closed.  For further enquiries please contact helen.glasspool@nationalcareforum.org.uk

Thanks to all our partners and participants for helping make this exciting event possible.

How past participants have benefited

Without the Challenge, it would have been a much, much longer journey. Maybe I'd have ended up burnt out as it's really hard to run a start-up model by yourself. The Challenge made it a 100 times easier.

The experience itself is so worthwhile, especially with the mentoring that you receive and the contacts that you meet. I would urge people to come to the Challenge with an open mind – it’s not about winning or making lots of money. It’s for those people who genuinely want to make a difference in the care sector.

It’s invaluable to have experts that you would not ordinarily have access to. Providing their own perspectives and explaining the challenges in the care sector and allowing us to frame how our ideas could help the sector was incredibly helpful.

Don’t be afraid to go on your own. Megan and I went to the weekend in Coventry on our own, not knowing anyone. I was a bit nervous driving there and I almost regretted signing up because I had a really busy week at work. I was driving there and I thought, I don’t know what to expect. If you are going alone, don’t let that put you off because it could be your strength.

Where social care innovators unite

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