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How is Care Innovation Hub contributing to transforming care?

The Care Innovation Hub was born from individuals who had been exposed to the world of start-up businesses, venture capital and Shoreditch alongside a world of social care, limited innovation and top-down business management styles. Given this exposure, we wanted to create a hub for entrepreneurs, investors and operators in and out of the care sector to come together to be able to create, incubate and grow new ideas to enhance care experience and to conquer the challenges faced today.

Skills for Care has estimated the total value of the social care sector to be £46.2 billion which suggests that there is room for efficiency. To add, the number of over 65-year olds will almost double in the next 50 years which is an additional 8.6 million people in this demographic band. It is clear that there will be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of within the social care setting within our lifetimes.

In order to contribute towards a high quality of life in later life, Care Innovation Hub has created the Challenge. This is an opportunity to attract new talent to the care sector and empower them to create solutions to the sector’s biggest problems through technology, design, wearable products, wellness programmes and much more. Our participants will engage with our Founding Partners who are market experts and sector leaders to establish the key priorities to focus on during the Challenge. Our Founding Partners include Home Instead, Hallmark Care Homes, WCS Care, Walden Care. We are also backed by the Department of Health and Social Care (more Founding Partners to be announced soon!)

We invite young and inquisitive entrepreneurs, working professionals, students and innovators to join us at our hackathon. We are super excited to collaborate with our Founding Partners and supporters who are actively collaborating with the Care Innovation Hub to make innovation and creativity as the focal point for transformation in the sector. 

The Challenge took place 5th, 6th & 7th July 2019 in London, with the final being held in the Department of Health and Social Care on Wednesday 14th August.

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